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Here is the quaint old farmhouse; return with us to the year 1887

when the immortal author of TREASURE ISLAND

came from Bournemouth, England to live in Saranac Lake.

in the words of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson to a friend,

describing their life in Saranac Lake…

“We are high up in the Adirondack Mountains living in a guide’s cottage in the most primitive fashion. The maid does the cooking (we have little beyond venison and bread to cook) and the boy comes every morning to carry water from a distant spring for drinking purposes. It is already very cold, but we have caulked the doors and windows as one caulks a boat, and have laid in a store of extraordinary garments made by the Canadian Indians. I went to Montreal to buy these and came back with buffalo skins, snow shoes and fur caps. Louis wants to have his photograph taken in his, hoping to pass for a mighty hunter or sly trapper. He is now more like the hardy mountaineers, taking long walks on hill tops in all seasons and weather. It is something like Davos here. Every afternoon a vehicle called a ‘buckboard’ is brought to our door, sometimes with one large horse attached, sometimes we have a pair of lovely spirited ponies. The buckboard is so light that when we meet a stagecoach on the narrow road we simply drive our horse up the hillside and lift the buckboard out of the way. Very soon, however, we shall exchange it for a sleigh.” -Fanny 




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R.L.S. Memorial Cottage Mailing List

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